Boots on the Ground.

Welcome to Stinger. For those who don’t know us yet: we are a small, but highly dedicated, family-owned company from Europe. For over 25 years we have been engineering and designing radar detectors, laser detectors and Shields, specializing in speed trap protection systems tailor-made for high performance cars.

Our products have been successfully sold, and have delighted performance car drivers, all over Europe, and subsequently in more and more countries across the globe. However, since we have always realized how specific a market the USA is, our systems weren't available in the USA until just a few years ago. When we finally did decide to design North American frequencies and specifications into our Stinger VIP, we quickly gained some important US recognition by coming out a top-performer in the famous – and what would sadly turn out to be final – Radar Roy’s Shootout in the Desert.

To us, it once again proved the superior capabilities of our designs and we wanted it to be the kick-off of a continuous series of performance improvements and product breakthroughs. But that’s not exactly what happened. Although the Stinger VIP would perform extraordinarily well in many aspects, it would sometimes disappoint in others. For reasons that took us a while to realize, the VIP has not reached its full potential in North America. We know we have an incredible technological platform, but certain business processes have been counter productive to its cultivation. And that’s something that, naturally, does not sit well with us. Because we badly want to make the best products we possibly can. And because we want to do just about anything to earn the trust of our many loyal customers.

So, not the ones to shy away from a challenge, we have not just decided to take corrective action, but felt the obligation to put our neck on the line. To prove to our clients, and to ourselves, what Stinger is capable of. Without anyone in between, anyone to cause distortion, anyone to point to. For our products to shine in the US, we decided it’s best to test, drive, provide service, and yes, live, right here in America. So here we are. Full-time. In it for the long term. Boots on the ground.

We are propelled by all the trust and support we have been getting from so many of you. Without you we couldn’t do it and, frankly, without you we wouldn’t even want to do it. We love your stories, your love for freedom, your ideas, your input, and of course your constructive criticism. We also appreciate the nay-sayers: the ones who say we cannot do it. If we would have listened to you, we would have never made it 25 years in, with original and clever designs, numerous industry firsts, and superior integrated protection systems and with all our enthusiasm still intact. We’ll gladly take the challenge, and maybe one day we can even win you over - or not :).

Expect the fruits of our US efforts to start materializing throughout the second half of this year. It will take the shape of important software updates, as well as the occasional breakthrough product that people have come to expect from us. If you have any questions, or if there is anything you want to bring to our attention or discuss, feel free to contact us  by email or phone.

By the way, our blogs will be dedicated to sharing anything about Stinger and related subjects that we think will interest performance car drivers, such as our product testing adventures, speed trap news, usage tips, and product development. And, because we love freedom and driving in freedom, we will surely not be able to refrain from some political commentary from time to time.

Please stay tuned.