Stinger Desktop PC V3.0.3

Stinger Desktop PC V3.0.3

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Free of charge: The Stinger Desktop application for PC.

System requirements: System requirements: Windows 7 or newer.

This update is recommended for all compatible Mac versions, and is required to update Stinger Systems with (older) version 10 Computer Centers (CC-10) to our latest Computer Center software releases. It comprises some bug fixes, including one that would not let the Stinger Desktop (on Windows PCs) recognize a USB key unless the Stinger Desktop application had been started up first.

By downloading this software you declare that...

1. You expressly agree that it is your responsibility at all times to remain informed of all currently applicable laws and regulations, and that it is solely your responsibility and obligation to comply with these laws and regulations;

2. You will not put to use the ‘Radar Alert’ or any other Stinger software in country or state where that would not be fully legal;

3. You are aware of the fact that Stinger neither implicitly nor explicitly encourages and/or enables any breach of the currently applicable laws and regulations in any country;

4. You expressly agree that you shall not hold Stinger liable or responsible for the unauthorized, unlawful and/or illegal use of Stinger products and corresponding software, nor for any other violation of the currently applicable laws and regulations committed by you;

5. You expressly agree that you shall not hold Stinger liable or responsible for any personal injury, injury or damage of a third party, directly or indirectly;

6. You shall not hold Stinger liable for damages as a result of loss of turnover, loss of data or interference to business operations, or for any other commercial and/or tax loss as a result of, or related to, your use or inability to put into use the Stinger products and/or corresponding Stinger software, irrespective of cause, and irrespective of the grounds for liability (non-compliance, unlawful act or otherwise), even if Stinger could have been aware of the likelihood of damage;

7. You are in full agreement with the ‘User Agreement’ and the ‘Software License Agreement’, which can be found in the original Stinger product packaging and/or on this website.

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