about us

Give me liberty or give me death

‘Give me liberty or give me death’ (Patrick Henry, 1775) were the very words Stinger’s founding father lived by. As a young child, he was held in a Japanese prisoners camp for several years. It was hell on earth. He lost his mother, endured severe hunger, and witnessed sadistic camp guards beating up prisoners on a whim. Having survived this camp of utter despair, he embraced his new found freedom and would go on to spend his life fighting for liberty and against injustice. With every fiber of his being. Our family got immersed in this ‘freedom first’ attitude. Over 25 years ago, it was this love for freedom, coupled with our collective passion for driving, that inspired us to start Stinger.

Pushing back 

Our government is big and mighty. We see insane overspending, rampant bureaucracy, and blatant corporatism – the favoring of big corporations at the expense of the smaller ones and hardworking tax payers. To stay in control, ‘Big Gov’ needs to continuously grow its income, which is typically done through a step-by-step increase of income tax and VAT, as well as the invention of all kinds of new and hidden taxes. One such taxation was to become the focus of our efforts: speed traps. Nearly all speed traps merely serve to fill the government’s coffers while they impede our driving freedom, encroach on our privacy and are often detrimental to traffic safety. We stand up against automated tax collection through sneaky and useless speed traps.

Our way 

Some of our customers call us a boutique developer. We can see why, for we are a relatively small outfit and we would certainly count our small team of engineers among the most passionate and knowledgeable radar and laser experts in the world. But more importantly, we simply do things our way. For one, our way means never launching new products with the simple goal to meet pre-determined spreadsheet price points and sales volumes. To us, price setting and sales should flow from our development and design process, not the other way around. For another, our way means to develop the best radar and laser detectors and make them an ideal fit for the coolest cars out there. In terms of performance and in terms of look and feel. Our engineering team puts in an obsessive amount of time in research and development: thousands of test runs, writing and rewriting software, and countless reworks of hardware prototypes. We love doing what we do and hope you will experience the result of our work.