We recently showed Stinger Fiber Laser beating DragonEye. Now we pitted our tiny Fibers against Laser Ally...

The Stinger Speedtrap Protection System is specifically engineered and designed for high-performance cars.

To us, integration is a design goal, not an afterthought. So to us it is a hard requirement the Stinger System’s state-of-the-art laser jammer, radar detector and interfaces work together perfectly and harmoniously blend into high-performance cars. Like a hand in a glove. No patchwork allowed.

Battle time: Stinger Fiber Laser versus DragonEye lasergun...

unsurpassed performance

Vortex 2019 test: “…it is able to jam even the latest DragonEyes we tested with."

beautiful in your car

invisible on your car

Vortex 2019 test: "...for those wanting the tiniest and most hidden install, take a look at the new Stinger Fiber Jammers.”

Choose your defense system

The System

Unsurpassed performance

Superior laser jammer

Stinger’s extremely sensitive and powerful Fiber Laser sensors are operated by our proprietary laser gun recognition system, enabling it to detect, jam and recognize even the trickiest and most advanced laser guns. 

Military radar detector

Our HD+ radar antenna is ultra-sensitive and offers superior protection against Quick Trigger and POP radar. Uniquely, we do not use a bulky 'horn antenna', but rather a 'patch array' antenna, as employed in military applications such as fighter jets.

Beautiful in your car

LED for discretion

Strip for sleek

View for control

Invisible on your car

Street testing Fiber Laser

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