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Stinger works with the most skilled installers out there. Truly, they conceive and execute amazing custom install jobs. Check out these videos and see for yourself. So, unless you are a bit of a magician yourself and truly know your way around the wiring and body work of your car, you will likely be better off getting your new Stinger installed by one of our trusted dealers.

Yet, we are all about free choice. So if you prefer getting your new Stinger straight from us, we are happy to help you. We promise to give you top notch support, while offering you a certified - https - secure web and store environment, full protection of your privacy and our pledge not to keep your credit card records stored in any way. And, of course, a two year warranty.

Select your new Stinger

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Laser. Radar.

Or both.

Laser. Radar. Or both.

Choose laser-only, radar-only, or laser and radar. In most areas you can come across both laser and radar, but laser-only and radar-only places do exist. Please note that all our packages are meant for equipping your car with front protection. You can add rear protection at step 2.


Front only.

Or front and rear.

Front only. Or front and rear.

Most police officers shoot at the front of your car, most of the time. However, rear laser shots do happen. Therefore, adding rear-laser protection may be essential in optimizing your laser protection. Read more about the number of lasers you may need here. Adding rear RADAR will increase sensitivity and accurate radar location indications. See more about adding rear-radar here. To add rear laser or radar protection to the Package you selected above, choose from the following Rear Extension Sets.


Choose your display.

Choose between Strip and View. Strip gives a more straightforward user experience, whereas View gives you more control. Both belong in the cockpit of top performance cars. Both do laser and radar, but only Strip does laser-only. For those who are ready to trade in control for the extreme discretion, there is the option to select the LED Display.

Add or replace.

If you already own a Stinger and would like to add or replace parts, make a selection from these Extension Sets, Modules, and Accessories.

extension set



All prices are recommended retail prices excluding installation, in US$ and subject to changes.

Your local

sales and tech support…

Your local sales and tech support…


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